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Hey Queen, How are you doing today? I am super excited about today's blog post. In a few days my family and i will be headed to Las Vegas baby!!!😃😃😃.  The Las Vegas Magic Show begins on August 9th to 11th. This trade show is everything! Wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers in the fashion industry across the world all look forward to this event. The magic show is a high energy fashion event that has a huge selection of trend driven, fast fashion as well as manufacturing companies in apparel, footwear and accessories. This event holds in Las Vegas February and August every year.

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Nice to Meet You!

Hello Queens, Welcome to FashionsbyKKM I know you may be wondering what KKM stands for? Let me save you some time.. Lol! These three letters are the initials of my three daughters. Kamsi, Kaosy, and Mesoma. I wanted to some how incorporate my children's names without having to use the full names and picking only one child's name was out of the question! I do not even want to imagine the war that would have caused between the girls! As a parent, you want to avoid that by all means.

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