Nice to Meet You!

Hello Queens,

Welcome to FashionsbyKKM

I know you may be wondering what KKM stands for? Let me save you some time.. Lol! These three letters are the initials of my three daughters. Kamsi, Kaosy, and Mesoma. I wanted to some how incorporate my children's names without having to use the full names and picking only one child's name was out of the question! I do not even want to imagine the war that would have caused between the girls! As a parent, you want to avoid that by all means.

I started this business because of my passion for fashion. Something that i felt i had lost touch with at some point in my life. After what we have all been though in the year 2020, i realized life was indeed very short and fragile and decided to pursue my happiness. My goal is to eventually make this my full-time job and hopefully leave a legacy through this business for my children, God willing.

My vision for FashionsbyKKM is to help women find that versatile outfit that can take them from Day to Night with just a change of accessory or accessories, thereby saving time spent on thinking about what two outfits to wear for two different occasions on the same day and best of all, save you some money!

I am super excited about this entire journey and looking forward to learning, to the highs and lows and most importantly the relationships i will build with you my queens! I cant wait to see the smiles on your faces when you come back and tell me how you were the center of attention!

Thank you for reading my blog and i will see you in the next one!

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